Post Travelling Blues

Post Travelling Blues

8 months ago I gave up a well paid job, rented my flat out and set off to spend time in south east Asia surfing, eating and generally chilling.

Sounds great? It was!

But coming home after was hard, very hard.

I’ve discovered post travel depression is a thing and I was totally unprepared.

It was exciting coming back, catching up with family and friends, being able to walk outside in the midday sun, eating the food I’d missed, earning money. But after jet lag and the initial excitement wore off I was left with a strange feeling, one I didn’t realise was there until I started getting tetchy with the people I love.

I was depressed, properly depressed. I missed the lack of routine and excitement of discovering new things. It felt like the 18 months travel hadn’t happened and I was back where I started.

Plus I didn’t think I could talk to anyone about it, who is going to give you any sympathy when they have been living this life while you’ve been laying on a beach?

So how do I get over this and start appreciating the new life I’m leading? Earning money helps, each penny that comes in goes into the escape pot, to fund the long term goal of floating between continents. Keeping that plan at the forefront of my mind is essential. Talking to people who have been in this situation is good too, makes you realise that you’re not mad but going through a normal phase of this lifestyle.

What advice would I give to those just about to come home?…Be prepared; understand you’re going to get these feelings and plan how to cope with them. 
Focus on the positives of coming home especially the time you get to spend with family and friends. Make your return an extension of your travel, treat your home country as just another place to explore, discover interesting new places, meet new people.

Remember the positives that long term travel brings to your life far outweigh the negatives of the post travel blues.

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