What to Pack

What to Pack

Handy extras to take on your travels

Here are a few items that I’ve found useful during my 18 months travelling through Indonesia and Malaysia. They aren’t essential packing but they do make travelling that little bit easier.

I have an even longer list of items I bought and didn’t use…maybe an idea for the next post!

An Infographic of tips p on what to pack on holiday.  Handy extras to take on your travels.
Also in text form at the bottom of this page


Can’t beat a good quality travel bluetooth speaker, for chilled out evenings listening to podcasts or impromptu beach parties


B&B’s, hotels and homestays rarely have enough hooks.
Suction hooks are good for hanging towels, bags, bananas etc. S hooks are also useful where suction hooks won’t stick.

Water Bottle

A small water bottle that fits easily in your bag is perfect for a wander around shops and short sightseeing trips.
Most hotels and cafes will refill your bottle for free.

Dual Sim Phone

A dual sim phone is especially helpful on longer trips. Use a local sim card for cheap internet data but keep access to your home sim for emergency calls and text messages from your bank etc.

Packing Cubes

Get a variety of sizes, take out your suitcase and lay on a shelf, no need to unpack!
If you are sharing a suitcase your items are easily identified if each person has different colour cubes.


A classic travel item, never loses it’s usefulness.
Get one with at least a knife, screwdriver and bottle opener. The uses are endless from cutting fruit and removing splinters to fixing surfboards

Foldable Bags

A foldable shopping bag can double up as a laundry and beach bag. Other foldable items such as duffle bags are good for when you’ve shopped too much and need extra check in luggage.

Shampoo Bar

These are not only good for the environment but also your wallet as they last a lot longer than shampoo in bottles. They also take up less room. Use with a soap net to hang in the shower.

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